"We have been delighted with the services and support that we have had from Webwand, both in terms of the website design, through to the ongoing support that they provide us. Thanks to their efforts we now have a completely re-vamped, professional looking site, that has far surpassed our original one, both in terms of looks and functionality. The whole process of re-developing the site went very smoothly to plan and we have been delighted with the univerally positive response from our members and cusutomers.

What attracted us to Webwand in particular, was their flexibility, responsiveness, and ability to work with us in providing a site that was user friendly and compatible with our own website management skills.

One of the particularly pleasing things about Webwand is their committment to not just designing sites, but providing a comprehensive support, from hosting through to site maintenance. In our particular case, our web manager is required to update the site frequently and Webwand not only accommodated this need, but has also provided training and ongoing support.

People sometimes don't realize that site design is only part of the process and that other factors need to taken into account, from hosting, maintenance and updating, through to monitoring usage etc. Webwand are able to provide all of these services in one reliable, comprehensive and affordable package"Stephen Rumbelow, The Chromatographic Society

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